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International Test Cricket


Virtual Cricket is a freeware program for Windows 95/98/NT written by John Cole. The latest version v4 was released on 9 September 2001.

Virtual Cricket is a statistics based cricket simulator and is great for simulating Tests or One Day Internationals and playing what if scenarios. Player are rated using their career averages as a base and the match is simulated using algorithms from hydrocarbon reservoir modelling techniques (gulp!). The simulation is calculated ball by ball (although you can only advance a whole innings at a time). Cricket factors built in to the simulation include fatigue, batsmen playing themselves in, etc.

Players details are stored in a text file that can be edited to add your own ratings/teams. Details of the format are included in the program help file. Data files have been provided for 10 Test squads and 9 ODI squads.

When you start Virtual Cricket you choose the 2 teams to play a match. A match is played an innings at a time. There are no in game tactics - the innings is generated and displayed instantly. A nice touch is that record scores and partnerships are highlighted in red. A completed match scorecard can be copied to the clipboard and saved using an external text editor. Averages are stored both for career and the current match. At the end of a match you can play a rematch. This allows you to play a series and build up series averages. As an alternative to picking the 2 teams to play in a match you can run a championship one match at a time where all the teams will play each other once.

The real nice part of this simulation is that it stores averages and records (highest team score, lowest team score, highest individual score, fastest century, highest partnership for each wicket, best bowling in an innings and best bowling in a series) both overall and for each team. It is also possible to save the records and reload them in next time.

All my major criticisms of v2.3 have been addressed in v4. Virtual Cricket is no longer restricted to a display of 40 columns, printing works fine, One Day Internationals have been added and local ground conditions (although not a name) can be defined. The author is planning on a new version (v5) although in his own words don't expect it for some time.

As a simulator Virtual Cricket is pretty realistic and is great for those what if scenarios. The ability to save averages and records set it above most other cricket simulators. Download the game, try it and then send an email to the author with comments.



Virtual Cricket v4 from the Virtual Cricket Homepage.

Australian Pura Cup 2000/01 season by Casey Strugielski.

All the following are for v2.3 of Virtual Cricket.

Virtual Cricket v2.3 from the Virtual Cricket Homepage.

Lefties vs Righties by Pranshu Sharma. See README.TXT file for details.

Current Test Squads plus Bangladesh, Canada, Holland, Ireland, Kenya, Scotland, UAE and USA (1 November 1999) by Arijit Sen.

Current Test Squads plus Bangladesh, Holland, Ireland, Kenya, Scotland and UAE (16 June 1999) by Brendon G.

Australian Sheffield Shield Squads (28 June 1999) by Brendon G.


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Unfortunately the Virtual Cricket Homepage hasn't been available for some time.

Virtual Cricket 4 Blog by Neil Cameron.


Note these screenshots are from v2.3. I will hopefully update them to v4 screenshots soon.

Normal scorecard display

Virtual Cricket Screenshot

Current Test Championship result

Virtual Cricket Screenshot

Leading Batting Averages

Virtual Cricket Screenshot

Leading Bowling Averages

Virtual Cricket Screenshot

Summary of records

Virtual Cricket Screenshot

Edit player details

Virtual Cricket Screenshot

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