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International Test Cricket


If you know of any domain/freeware cricket game not included here please send me a copy.

For each game here you will find

bulletDescription/review of the game
bulletLink to homepage (if one exists)
bulletDownload option (again if one exists).
bulletScreenshots (where possible)

Most if not all of the programs reviewed here are included on the CD-ROM.

There are no ratings for each game as ratings can be subjective. Read my comments and download the game where possible to make up your own mind. If you want to write your own review of any game here please do and send it to me so people can see the opinion of more than one person.

On with the games

bulletAmazing Cricket by Sumit Chowdhury
bulletArcade Cricket by Mat Clark
bulletArmchair Cricket by Rob LeGrand III
bulletBack Yard Cricket by David Callcut
bulletCrazy Cricketer by Yaju Arya
bulletCricket by Vineet Verma
bulletCricket Career by Sumit Chowdhury
bulletCricket Simulator by Makarand Gadre
bulletCricket Supreme by Rob Alexander Oudhof
bulletCricketer by Virani Softwares
bulletCrunchy Cricket by S&S Software
bulletDenis Shine's One Day Cricket Simulator by Denis Shine
bulletDouble Cricket Wicket 2000 by Faraz Hasan
bulletExcel Cricket
bulletFirst Class Cricket by Robe leGrand III
bulletHarsh Azad's Cricket '97 by Harsh Azad
bulletHowzthat by Kev Drury
bulletOne Day Cricket
bulletOne Day Cricket by Kelvin King
bulletOne Day International Cricket by B. Krishnakumar
bulletSim 1 by Philip Shead
bulletSticky Wicket by Mark Carter
bulletSuper Cricket Simulator by Timothy Glover, Syedur Rahman and Aditya Mandavilli
bulletTest Cricket Simulator by me
bulletThe Cricket Simulator by Syedur Rahman
bulletThe Great Indian Team by Yaju Arya
bulletTotal Cricket
bulletTurbo Cricket by Powerboost Software
bulletVirtual Cricket by John Cole
bulletWinCricket by Makarand Gadre
bulletWorld Cup Cricket by Mark Carter

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