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The Affiliate program is a system where you promote the sale of CD-ROM and International Test Cricket on your site and for every sale you generate you get a minimum of 10%.

The method of setting up the Affiliate program has changed. ShareIt the company I use for on-line ordering now allow the use of an Identifier to be used for reseller sites. This now means all that is needed to set up the page for you is assign an Identifier and provide you with the necessary links. For this reason any site that applies that agrees to the Affiliate rules will be accepted. If you previously applied and were not accepted please re-apply. If you were accepted using the old method please get in contact so I can assign you an Identifier and provide you with updated ordering links.

As an example of ordering links here are the ones for this site which has the Identifier CD-ROM

International Test Cricket Enhanced Version

International Test Cricket Registered Version

Rules of Affiliate program

bulletThe Affiliate program is only open to people with a web site that is related to cricket or computer games.
bulletEvery one accepted will be given a unique link to an ordering page that identifies their site. This page is on a secure server and allows payment by all major credit cards.
bulletAll orders received via your unique ordering page will be sent direct to me.
bulletAll orders will be dispatched by me direct to the customer. You will not have to post or process any orders.
bulletOnly orders marked as being generated by your site will be liable for payment.
bulletPayment will be made monthly. If less than 10 orders are received in one month orders are rolled over and payment will be made at the end of the month that the 10th order occurs.
bulletAll payment will be be made in 's. If you live outside the UK you will probably be charged a fee by your bank to cash the cheque. In this case you may decide to increase the numbers of orders to be received before I send out payment. As your online order page uses $ the amount will be converted using the prevailing exchange rate. Therefore amount paid per order may alter from month to month.
bulletIn the event a charge back occurs (this can take up to 6 months after the order) any payment made will have to be refunded (this will be taken off your next payment).
bulletPayment will be 10% of the current price for the first 10 orders each month, 12% for orders 11-20, 15% for orders 21-30 and 20% for every order over 30 received in any one month. i.e. the more you sell via your site every month the more you will make.
bulletYou are free to describe the CD-ROM and ITC any way you want but must make sure all statements and literature is accurate. Make sure you mention that all commercial games on the CD-ROM are demo versions only and that some products are Shareware which may require a further payment to the author if found useful.
bulletYou may advertise the CD-ROM and ITC on your own site or external sites (providing I don't already advertise there).
bulletYou may not advertise or promote the CD-ROM and ITC in any public forums (other than one on your own site) like or the ICC forum.
bulletYou are not allowed to pass off the CD-ROM or ITC as yours. In all cases Tortyfoo Software Limited and must be identified as the producer of the CD-ROM and International Test Cricket. In cases where you may have items on the CD-ROM like ICC Total Conversions or ITC databases which are your own work then it is permitted to claim these individual items as yours.
bulletI can cancel this agreement at any time without prior notice if I feel it is not being handled properly or any of these conditions are broken.
bulletYou may cancel the agreement at any time in writing. Any outstanding payments will be made and any orders received whilst the affiliate program is being removed will be honoured.
bulletI can add any additional conditions to this list as long as you are notified.

These are not meant to be problems and are mainly common sense.

If you have any problems with these rules let me know.

Apply to join Affiliate program

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Email address
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I agree to adher to the rules of the Affiliate program. Yes No

Applications will be approved or rejected as soon as possible but please allow a week before contacting me about the program.

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