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International Test Cricket


This is a very old cricket simulator for DOS that was first started in 1982. It is not a game but a simulator for people who like to try lots of what if scenarios. It is considered freeware by the author Makarand Gadre.

You have to design teams using a text editor (default teams for Australia and India are included) with the following details for each player

bulletActivityRate defines the general Batting Activity of the batsman which means the ratio of balls the batsman will do some exciting activity
bulletRiskRate is the number of balls that qualify under the above ActivityRate (i.e. something exciting happened) on which the batsman makes a risky shot.
bulletFIGoodBat means how good this player is as a batsman.
bulletBowlingStrikeRate defines how good this player is as a bowler. This is the ratio of balls when he will really pose problems for a batsman.

When you start the game you enter the filenames of the 2 teams and an output filename. There are command line parameters you can pass to alter the activity rates such that you are simulating a 1 day match or a test match. You play the game by selecting the batsman and the bowler for each over. There are no in game options to set tactics. A scorecard is updated at the end of each over. For each ball a short description is given of what the outcome was. At the end of the match the program ends and you will need to use a text editor to view the output file generated. A big deficiency in this game is that it has no extras i.e. no wide balls, no no balls, leg-byes etc. Considering other than selecting bowlers and batsman there is no in-game options it might be nice to generate an instant result.

This really is a poor interface by todays standards but considering when it was first developed it would be harsh to expect it to compete nowadays. The author mentions he is developing a Windows version in his README.TXT file. Hopefully that will be a lot better and allow stats to be built up to determine how accurate this program is.

I have now had confirmation from Makarand Gadre that the Windows version is being developed - See WinCricket.



Cricket Simulator from CricInfo.

173 Teams by Chris Kuszelyk. Includes Best XI's, teams by letter of surname, All Time Greats, etc. Anyone fancy converting these to work with the newer WinCricket (I believe they just need the team name added to each file (and renamed to .XI files)


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