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International Test Cricket


CIcricket One Day Game is a Java game from CricInfo. It is a simulation for the World Cup. It allows you to play One Day Internationals between any of the 12 teams involved in World Cup 99. All the squads are accurate and are the actual final 15 players for each country.

You can select to play computer vs computer, player vs computer or player vs player. There is not that much player interaction in the game. When batting you select the batting order and when bowling you select which bowler for each over. There are no other tactics available to you. It is possible to have a scorecard window displayed which updates for each over. A nice touch is you have 3 graphs which update showing Run Rates, Runs per Over and Totals. Both teams are shown on the same graph.

The game is quite fun and only takes about a minute or so to download the first time. It is a shame there is no proper structure to the games so you can simulate the whole World Cup. You could do it manually but you would need to work out the points yourself.



CricInfo have removed the link allowing you to play the game.


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Select Teams

CIcricket One Day Game

Nearing end of 1st Innings

CIcricket One Day Game

End of Match

CIcricket One Day Game


CIcricket One Day Game screenshot

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