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International Test Cricket


The Ashes Disaster 2001 is an on-line Flash cricket game by SugarShaker Ltd.

The scenario is its day 5 at the Oval - the final day of the final match in the Ashes 2001. England has bowled out Australia for an amazing 224 in their 2nd innings. Trescothick, Atherton, Butcher and Stewart have got England to within 60 runs. Can you get the winning runs before Australia capture the 6 remaining wickets...

Game play is incredibly simple - click on the next ball icon to see the delivery. To play a shot move the cursor over the ball and click the mouse. Thats it! You then get to see what happens. If you missed the ball you might get bowled. If you hit the ball you might score runs, get caught or be dropped. There are some specific animations for when you hit a 6 and occasionally you will even get a streaker! The commentator sounds like he is breathing helium.

This game is actually incredibly addictive eben if I have yet to win the match for England.



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The Ashes Disaster Screenshot

The Ashes Disaster Screenshot

The Ashes Disaster Screenshot

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