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International Test Cricket


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JCricket is a GPL Java game currently under development by Brian Blackwell.

Brian's notes

JCricket is a cricket simulation written in Java. It is a text-based game in the style of Empire's ICC series or International Test Cricket, rather than an arcade game such as Cricket 2000. At the moment it is in the very early stages of development; however, you can still play through a one-day limited-overs game, and in that sense it is fully functional.

At this stage, I would like to concentrate on refining the game engine algorithms, although hopefully it will evolve into a complete cricket management simulation with a feature set similar to International Cricket Captain.

The game is licensed under the GPL, so if you have any modifications or suggestions (particularly with the game engine and mechanics) please don't hesitate to send them to Brian.



JCricket v0.1 from JCricket home page.
IMPORTANT: you must have a copy of the Java Runtime Environment v1.2 or greater installed. 

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