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International Test Cricket


ECricket is a freeware game currently under development by Paul Robson. Paul is looking for some beta testers to help with the core engine. The current list of planned features are

bulletFreeware. (voluntarycharitydonationware probably)
bulletTop down skewed perspective view.
bulletFast game progression so test matches don't take too long.
bulletFull support for as many teams as you want to type in.
bulletClean, effective and simple graphics.
bulletBatsmen have a total of 8 possible strokes.
bulletSupports Left and Right handed batsmen.
bulletDismissals include Caught, Bowled, Lbw, Run Out and Stumped.
bulletLbws are calculated accurately.
bulletBatsmen are defined by 2 numerical characteristics.
bulletBowler types include Seam, Finger and Wrist Spin, Left and Right Handers.
bulletBowlers are defined by 4 numerical characteristics.
bulletGame skills are highly configurable from easy to insanely hard.
bulletGame parameters can be tweaked as much as you like.
bulletNo random effects so 4 hours play not ruined by "rain".
bulletKeep track of averages.
bullet"Add your own commentary" feature.
bulletSave/Load games at end of each over.
bulletOpen source (eventually).
bulletWritten in C with virtualised I/O for easy cross platform porting.
bulletWorks on any resolution, any colour depth.
bulletUses Allegro (3.12 or 3.99+) for easy installation and reliability.
bulletRequires probably about a 233Mhz M2 or better.

Paul gives me regular updates on the development of the game so it is worth checking back regularly. He also regular updates his download demo but it is always (currently) on the same external link.

Latest Development News from Paul - 26 January 2001

Lets store the latest "official" release on your site, and latest release on mine. At least then people can download one. This was in response to people (including me) having problems downloading the latest version.

You can now be run out (on 1.186). Next up reduction of the absurd wides, timing (will affect direction of stroke), computer batting, player bowling.

External requests Someone to sample commentators for SFX to replace the current ones (that is me!), any teams anyone cares to put together as .TEM files. Credit for both given, of course.

Latest Development News from Paul - 25 January 2001

The game now has running between the wickets. Basically it will run for you, except if the run is risky. At present you can't get run out, so it isn't that risky.

And there are some sound effects, to which people can add; you can have your own commentary added at will. They are all pretty basic at the moment (commentary etc. provided by me!) so if someone can sample some commentary it would be appreciated. This has added about 100k to the ZIP File, once I get some decent samples they will probably be downloaded separately.

You need to preserve the directory structure when unzipping (pkunzip -d xxxx). I think Winzip does this for you. It will work if you don't, but you won't get the SFX.

I have tweaked the engine slightly. I thought it was too easy to get bowled just pushing forward, so I've widened the pads slightly. My first thought was that Richard Smith was wrong (see feedback) with regards to the shots "away" from the body, but he is actually right; they are offset slightly but not enough, so I've increased that.

Latest Development News from Paul - 24 January 2001

New stuff added since last update is

bulletAn eGroup ( now exists, ECricketDev for suggestions/bugs etc.
bulletCalculates runs properly.
bulletCan play team vs team; there are now 4 teams available.
bulletThere is a scorecard and information strips.
bulletIt's set up for a limited overs (50) match (which the first working version will be).
bulletTwo/three button control is now available.
bulletThe game can be configured (press B button/S key on scoreboard).
bulletThere is a file explaining what the parameters do.
bulletThe parameters are now sorted, and the code uses hashing.

Dumb bug of the week I added a multiplier to the code that works out if shots are skied or not, for the risky/gentle strokes. Unfortunately I got it multiplying not dividing, so slogging was safer than all other strokes ([thanks to Scott Hodges for picking this up]).

Latest Development News from Paul - 20 January 2001

I've updated it (again) ; seem to have got a lot done in the last 24 hours or so ). It now feels a bit like a proper game, even though the demo is still Aus v Aus you can change it now to be x v y, and it does score and change ends and so on. The next work has to be on the 2 button controls *and* the running (so you select runs and can turn them down) which I'm not entirely sure how I want to do yet.

Latest Development News from Paul - 19 January 2001

Okay; last upload of the week. Added today (done lots today :))

bulletCan now get out bowled, lbw, caught, stumped
bulletScoring (very very early but does keep score!).
bulletCan hit fours, sixes, everything else scores 1 at present.
bulletJoystick support.

The build has also gone back down to 220k odd, using a DJGPP executable packer on the ECRICKET.EXE file.

Next stuff is proper scoring of runs, then a "running" sequence (just counted at the moment), 2 button control option and the usual endless tweaks for this sort of game.

Latest Development News from Paul - 18 January 2001

The beta version to which you link has been uploaded, and I sent you a feature list (included above).

This is what is "new", Most of the work this week has gone on implementing missing strokes and tweaking existing ones.

bulletImplemented cut and pull; stroke range completed.
bulletFixed back foot stroke foot movement bug.
bulletShort pitched balls now seam/spin less (avoids absurd wides).
bulletTarget cross now appears later for spinners to simulate flight.

The next thing will be to add the parameterable 2 button control, and implement catches and stumpings. If you beat the batsman down the pitch he now tries to get back (this is automatic). There is also a log file log.txt which I have started, which gives more detail about fixes and enhancements, included in the Beta.

Finally, this beta is now 850k. This may be because I am using an Allegro 4 close-to-release beta; the reason being that this improves portability to Linux and Windows. It might go down again on release )

And I tested it this time ) I'm amazed I didn't have that "crashing" bug before.

Latest Development News from Paul - 14 January 2001

The download demo has been updated. It allows you to bat a little, except you can't cut or hook, because I haven't written the code for those shots yet.

ECricket isn't an arcade game; there is far more mathematics than there is graphics code. It calculates where stuff is then where it should go; though obviously it's a lot simpler than real physics calculations. The on screen stuff is a representation of the data in the data structures.

Latest Development News from Paul - 9 January 2001

Actually getting on now. Am back to where I was, more or less, down to repatching the original engine into 'C'. It's actually done in DJGPP & Allegro.

The demo is just that; there are no batting strokes (yet) though that is the next thing to go in. The next demo will have a configurable team (though done via a text file to start with) and player batting and bowling; this will be the big test as there's no point doing the rest of it if I can't get this bit right.

The version now is massively configurable as well; you can change vast chunks of the game by tweaking a parameter file.



Very Latest ECricket (Build 1196) 359Kb from

Feedback received (my comments are in italics)

Send feedback about ECricket.

Richard Smith said on 20 January 2001

This is a brilliant game.

The batting is quite tricky to time and this can result in a few blunders like in real life. The bowling variation is brilliant with bouncers, wide balls, yorkers and so on.

The only problem is though that you can't bat away from your body. i.e you can only play the cut shot when the ball is in the same place as the straight drive and so on.

This is the only problem I have found along with the fact that the innings doesn't end after 10 wickets at the moment.

Hope Paul doesn't stop working on the game as it is really coming along now.

Paul's reply - Richard Thanks very much. With regards to the "cut" it does work "away" from the body, but only below a certain height (i.e. you can't cut a wide fullish length delivery, just a short ones). Similarly with the pull stroke, these two shots do not require you to "play straight down the line". Other shots are slightly biased; to clip through square leg you need to play slightly to the leg side of the ball, etc (playing off the pads), similarly for the cover drive you need a little width, ideally. Of course, all this is up for grabs.

In this game timing is irrelevant. You can line up the shot early and it times it automatically. The catch is you can't adjust your position once you've selected the shot, so the later you leave it the more likely you are to adjust to movement. Too late and you miss it.





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