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Aracde Cricket 3D is a new Freeware game under development by Mat Clark the author of Arcade Cricket.

Mat's Notes

I've finished working out which tools I'm going to use and started work on 'Arcade Cricket 3D'. The picture below is taken from the game in its current form.

The game will be full 3D with batting / bowling / fielding. This time I plan to structure the code more carefully than I did with Arcade Cricket. I intend to make the gameplay far easier to modify as I have many Idea's for gameplay control system's which I wish to implement. Here's a few

1. I'm very keen on making the player weigh up if its worth doing a risky/aggressive action like trying to bowl super fast or throwing the ball in hard against the fact the controls will become less easy thus making accuracy a problem.

2. Batting will be a multi stage process meaning the player needs to pick weather to move back or forward then which shot to play for that stance then to direct the ball and chose the amount of power used(see point one) . This is a lot to do in half a second I realise so I may be forced to slow the ball in a slightly unrealistic way. I'm willing to do this for an interesting and challenging control system.

3. There will be an indication of how well you have done in each stage of a control system. I.e If you picked the right shot, was your timing good etc... This will help players to master the complex control system I'm an contemplating.

4. Bowling speed will probably be controlled by quick button tapping similar to a "Track and Field" game.

5. The game will not use the "Place the wiggly circle" bowling control which specifies where the ball pitches. I intend making it very hard to bowl exactly where you want at high speeds. If you do manage to bowl a really fast ball on a good spot you should feel proud.

I guess I'm about 5% done at the moment so don't expect anything playable soon.




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Arcade Cricket 3D Screenshot

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