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World Cup Cricket (not to be confused with World Cup Cricket - a different game with the same name) is a shareware program for DOS by Daniel Kirk. The program is quite old and is written in GW BASIC. Unfortunately despite the presence of a speed option within the game World Cup Cricket runs too fast to be playable on modern PC's. You can use a program like CPU Killer to slow down the PC but even using this and setting it to 99% and setting the games own speed option to the slowest I could not get World Cup Cricket to run at a playable speed.

World Cup Cricket is a simple arcade game that also has quite a lot of tactics involved. Its starts with a very irritating 2 minutes wait whilst you read the screen about registering. There are 6 teams included in the game Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa and West Indies and you can play a 5, 10, 15 or 20 over match. After a look at the pitch conditions and the toss it is down to the main game. The ground is represented with an overhead view and some very basic graphics for the players.

When batting you have the choice of 4 strokes Defensive, Attacking, Look for a Gap or Over the Top. You then have to time the stroke using the space bar.

When bowling you set the length you want to bowl. During the run up you can select the type of bowl to deliver e.g. arm, normal or wrong 'un for a spinner.   After the ball has been released you can also use the cursor keys to move the ball.

When fielding you use the space bar to time fielding the ball. It is rare for a fielder to automatically field the ball.

Unfortunately as I could not play the game at a playable speed I could not test the timing and delivery controls. I was also unable to capture any screenshots. I have played this game many years ago when I first downloaded it and was not that impressed then.



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